Chapter 1: Naleris

Chapter One – Message to Naleris


A brisk morning, and a breezy one too.  Big Ben struck seven; great tall men of perhaps five feet, “or much more than that,” as the Waliwocky-what is a Waliwocky?  

I suppose it’s only fair to go back about three months to the moment when this creature entered the world.  Though the expression “entered the world” is used as common figurative speech, I use it in its most proper literal sense.  So, as I was saying-oh, all right, I’ll tell you about the world he came from.  

He came from what is called an Exosolar Planet, which, in common terms, simply means a planet out of our solar system.  But it was a great deal farther than our minds could ponder.  The planet, according to the Waliwocky, was called Naleris.  Its atmosphere was composed of thick stuff-palidin, which, by the way, is what they breathe.  That is what prevented us men from exploring the planet.  

In fact, the Queen had ordered three men to investigate, but the radio signal broke off and nothing was heard of them again.  But the Naleris inhabitants thrived on palidin.  The Queen, who by the way was mad, had called for six more men, but her advisor, who by the way wasn’t mad, had said it would be “extremely deleterious.”  I suppose he could have said fatal or deadly, but Queens’ advisors must not cause faints to their Majesty.  The Queen was insistent and thus ended six more lives.  

She fired her advisor and acquired one called Harold, who by the way was also mad.  This began a series of acquirings and firings and deadly Naleris explorations until her own death(believe me, she deserved it).  Her son William, attempted a wiser method.  He would not send his own men, but rather send for a Nalerian to visit them.  

Here is a decent summary of what he messaged to them:  We are kind foreigners.  Please send one of your population for a visit.  We will compensate him in whatever manner and extent is requested.  We honor your benevolence.  

We must now turn to the Nalerians when they received this peculiar message.  



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