Seven Favorite Chord Progressions

Here I venture into a new land, the land of music, in which this is my first post.  So, today I want to discuss my seven favorite chord progressions (not arranged in any particular order), which you can try out in your piano or guitar.

So, first FM7 to C to FM7 to C to FM7… you get the idea.

(How to play FM7: Do the “cheater F” (F2), and take off the highest note)

Second, and this is not original, Em, C, D, Em.  It’s used in the song “I See Fire” featured in the film The Desolation of Smaug, second in the Hobbit trilogy film series, and sounds really cool if you use a cello or cello synth, or just plain guitar.  The riff on the actual song is pretty easy if you’ve been playing guitar for a decent amount of time.

Third, and this is not original, and this is insanely cliche, Am, F, C, G.  Sounds cool on piano, and is featured in the parody history song “Too Late to Apologize: A Decleration”.

Fourth, A2, A, D, G, sounds best when strummed on guitar (in my opinion).

Fifth, D, D/F#, G.  Sounds good when fingerpicked (is that a word?).

Sixth,  Em, B7, G, C.  Cool blues tune.  I think I got this one from the bridge of “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.

Seventh, Dm, Am, C, G.  Inspired by “The Proof of Your Love” by for KING&COUNTRY.


All right, that’s all for today, and hope you enjoyed the first music post.

Oh, and please post your favorites in the comments!




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