How Much Does A Tulip Cost?

Many of you have heard of the Tulip Mania, but perhaps you do not know of how extreme it got.
I was interested in it, and came across the book Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles Mackay, found for free online.
Here is a quote from the book for the value of a single root of the tulip Viceroy:
“Two lasts of wheat
Four lasts of rye
Four fat oxen
Eight fat swine
Twelve fat sheep
Two hogsheads of wine
Four tuns of beer
Two tuns of butter
One thousand lbs. of cheese
A complete bed
A suit of clothes
A silver drinking-cup”
Another gave 12 acres of land for a single tulip from Harlem.
Another, “bought for 4600 florins [close to two times the value of the above list], a new carriage, two grey horses, and a complete suit of harness.”
At the peak, according to Wikipedia, ten years of a skilled crasftsman’s income would buy a single tulip.
This is just one of the many manias of human history.
And then we say, humans are rational creatures?

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