Why You Need to Start A Bug-Out Bag

The origin of that word, bug-out, is yet to be discovered (for me, at least).

What is it, anyway?
It’s not actually very confusing. It’s just a bag filled with all the goods you would need it you had to evacuate your house, or your car. Suppose, for an extreme example, you had to escape because the government had issued a warning of a severe hurricane. They tell you to evacuate your home within 10 minutes; the hurricane is heading your way. An effective bug-out bag would be all you need to get out of your house and into the car. As an example, a bug-out bag might contain a three day supply of non-perishable, no-cook foods for each member of the family.
The bug-out bag (I have to stop using that word; I’ll change it to BOB)…
I don’t want to give you a master list for what an ample bug-out…ack!! BOB should contain, because I’m not a professional.
But one thing I’d advise you to do *today* is start a bug-out…BOB!!! Why not? Why not be able to leave your home without utter panic racing up and down the stairs, scratching your forehead incessantly, wondering what you’ve forgotten, run to the basement, grab a couple cans of beans (you don’t realize the beans expired three years ago…), bullet into your car, run back in…

Start a BOB. It will save you lots of hassle if disaster impends.
Or, hey, you could just throw the thing in your trunk and go on a nice long car trip!


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