My Free Blogging&Podcasting Tools

This is basically a list of the tools I use to do my blog and podcast.

Everything I use to make my blog and podcast is free and on the cloud except for the podcasts which I record with the default voice recorder app on a phone and also the free Audacity program.

But don’t get wrapped up in all the technical stuff.  Make sure you focus on quality content, not the coolest software on the block.

BLOGGING, for hosting my blog, which I’m happy with, since it’s free, pretty basic, fast, and simple


Draftin and Docs, for writing drafts of posts and creating PDFs

Draftin is a super clean writing space, and Docs is sort of like Google’s own version of Word for free on the cloud

Hemingway App for editing my writing.  This highlights problems and suggests changes.


An old Android cell phone

A Yamaha keyboard, Ibanez nylon-string guitar, and Meinl Percussion cajon (in case you’re interested) to do the mostly all live music!

Workflowy app to outline the podcasts.  A great outlining app and site which can also be used for to-do lists


Cloudconvert to convert file types.  It’s easy and works for most file types.

Audacity for general audio editing.  Popular free program.


Gmail.  Hopefully I don’t have to describe this!

Mailchimp to create and track my newsletter forms.  Pretty simple free way to get email subscribers

Bitly or to shorten long links

Google Forms  Nice way to do questionnaires.






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