The Backpack Bug-Out Bag

As a follow-up to my last post on preparedness/survival, I have here my personal BOB plan!  It’s basically just a list and description of the items I chose for my backpack BOB.


First, the backpack.  The one I used was previously my old backpack which I used to transport certain unnecessarily heavy textbooks back and forth.  Well, I stopped using it (implied by the past tense), and found it lying around in my closet.  For me, I’ve managed to get mostly everything I wanted to store in my BOB in that old Jansport.


I put this handy kit in the front of my backpack.  It’s kind of like a basic survival kit that could fit in any altoids can.

Swiss army knife- These are invaluable.  I own a Huntsman II.


Needle and thread


Alcohol prep pads



Mini magnifying glass

Some twine (I’d reccomend paracord, which probably won’t fit in your can.  Can handle 550 pounds.)


I prepared the food in this BOB to be a 3-day supply.  Nothing fancy.  Just 6 cans plain old sardines in water, 3 ramen noodle packages,  6 granola bars, a bag of nuts, and a few packets of sugar.  Make sure to tailor the amount to your own food needs.  I didn’t do any fancy planning (I didn’t count all the calories and make sure they add up to whatever number…).  I just wanted to get an ample amount of food for 3 days.  Perhaps I’m really off.

Maybe try a fishing kit?

As for water, this is a super important area of the BOB I haven’t personally finished.  I’m personally leaning toward the LifeStraw.  It seems like a compact way to access clean water.  I belive it filters 264 gallons, and apparently the straw itself tells you when its effectiveness declines.  Again, no personal experience.


Nothing fancy.  T-shirt, shorts, socks, etc.  Make sure you use layers, like sweater, hat, rain poncho.


Travel-size floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap bar, shampoo, deodorant (who knows? Maybe you should skip the deodorant and hike stenchfully.  Quite a dillema.)


Mini LED flashlight

Bic Lighter

Box of Matches


Sleeping bag (this actually fits in my little backpack)

2 Tarps (I haven’t added these yet)

Emergency blanket (I haven’t got this either)


Emergency whistle

NOAA weather radio

A bunch of batteries


I’m no expert.  You should probably research DIY first aid kits on your own.

Some extras: chapstick, cough drops


Well, that’s it.  A backpack bug-out bag!

What about you?  Notice anything I missed (I’m sure I did!)?





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