Altoid’s Tin Survival Kit

I bet you don’t feel like lugging your heavy BOBpack everywhere, so I present here my Altoid’s Tin Survival Kit!  If you don’t already have an Altoid’s tin lying around somewhere in your house, one can be had for about $1 (plus, you get some free candy!)

In the bottom layer of the tin, I keep a band-aid or two with a few alcohol prep pads.  I suppose this isn’t mandatory, but I also keep a little magnifying glass with a pair of tweezers connected so I suppose you could study bugs with that if extremely bored while lost in the forest.  I have also managed to burn holes through newspaper with that magnifying glass. Supposedly you can start fires with these.

Over the prep pads and next to the magnifying glass I keep a swiss army knife.   Again, this multitool is invaluable.  I personally use the Huntsman II.  I believe it has 14 tools (learn more about it here).

On the other side of the magnifying glass I keep a little pencil a bit of paper, and a mini eraser.

Then I have a tiny compass over the pencil and paper, and next to that is a needle and thread, and some tissue.

Near the top I keep a couple feet of twine.

Some things I am about to add: some small bills and matches/bic lighter.

That’s the kit!  It all fits in my little Altoid’s tin (well, that’s mostly true).  Actually, it mostly fits, but the cover won’t come on so I wrap two rubber bands around the entire container and it easily fits in my pocket.

I hope you enjoyed!  I had all that stuff lying around at home, and you probably do too, so try starting your own!

Any further ideas for anything I missed that would fit in the tin? 


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