Coding: How I’m Learning Core Java

I learned and am reviewing core Java through a number of ways.  I think I started with John Purcell’s free introductory Java course, which partially went over my head because I wasn’t paying enough attention or I was going to fast.  Next I got a Treehouse subscription for 2-3 months and sped through core Java as well as JavaFX.  After Treehouse, I switched to Sololearn (a free coding program that does basically the basics of a bunch of languages).

After Sololearn, I wasn’t sure what to do and took a bit of a break from coding.  After that break, I got a bit rusty.  Advice: never take big breaks from coding.  You’ll probably forget stuff.  So now I’m reviewing with the original Oracle Java documentation.  Oh, I also take core Java quizzes periodically.

So here’s my personal review of these courses.

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Pros: Free, gets decently advanced (at this point a senior engineer would begin laughing), video format, instructor very accomplished in programming

Cons: British accent sometimes throws me off, sometimes bad audio/video quality, can get boring

Overall:  Very good course on core Java


Pros: Very professional, funny, well produced, interesting, project-based, quizzes, badges, points

Cons: $25/month, not a book (personally I learn best from books)

Overall: Great course with a decent price tag since you can probably get most of the core Java they teach free elsewhere


Pros: Gamification, nice design, you can go through the courses fast, requires you to practice

Cons: Only basic Java

Overall: Good way to learn or review core Java


Pros: Text-based, official, comprehensive

Cons: Not gamified

Overall: Awesome way to learn or review for the serious beginner

After learning core Java well, I plan to learn the basics of a few other languages with resources like Learn Code the Hard Way, Eloquent Javascript, etc. (both free)

Then I want to get into Java Web Development.  Well, more about that later.

Hope you enjoyed!



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