My Self-Publishing Plan

For me, the best way to learn is through teaching.  Before I teach, I assume I know the concept, but once I actually teach it, I sometimes see these holes in my understanding of the concept.  So as I’ve reviewed Java, I’ve actually been writing a book.  It’s basically my attempt at writing a funny, comprehensive, and simple book on learning core Java.

Since I’ve spent exactly zero seconds professionaly programming and zero seconds professionally teaching, it might seem a bit silly for me to write a programming book, and it is, but it’s my plan to charge exactly 0 cents for the book.

And if it somehow catches on as a decently good beginner Java text (like a kids Java book), perhaps I’ll raise the price by some dollars.

To get more specific, I’ve been thinking about selling on Leanpub.  It’s a programming platform where authors can self-publish and earn a 90% royalty (minus a 50 cent transaction fee).  I can sell PDFs through there.

As for print, I’m thinking of Createspace.  There you can self-publish and print books.  If you’re interested in printing a book, I think it’s $3.25 for one B&W, 5*8 inch, 200 page book.

Even if you were to write a really long textbook (the max page number is 858), for the same specs, it’s $10.78.

So that’s my plan.

Look out for a free intro Java/kids Java book…

Please comment if you’re interested!


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