Start A Podcast For (Mostly) Free

After some time of using an old Android to record, I began to record my shows with the Zoom H4N.   It looks something like this:


I use a tripod and put it on my desk or hold it in my hand.  I make sure my mouth is pretty close to the mic so if I get hungry I can eat it.  Oh, and the audio is better with a windscreen.  Once I’m happy with it, I’ll pull out the SD card on the side and stick it into my computer.  Then I’ll locate the file, edit it a bit with Audacity, anotherconvert the file with CloudConvert, pull it onto my Drive, and make it public.


If the file is too big, Google can’t stream it, so I use Music Player for Google Drive and that works.

Then I just copy the link and paste it on the blog!

If you’re interested in starting a podcast, I’d recommend you start with a cell phone (they sound pretty good) and use the steps about editing and uploading below.

Hope you found this useful!


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