Why Math Is My Favorite Subject

It sounds ridiculous…math?  Only nerds like math!  Today I want to depropagandize (yep, my own word) that HUGE myth.

First, math is so much cleaner than everything else, like history or english.

History:  Conspiracy theories…was 911 commited by our government to give them a fake “reason” for the invasion of privacy?

English:  the zillions of ways to make plurals, all the exceptions to the i before e except after c rule…

Math is so clean.  The area of a circle is ALWAYS pi*r^2.  No exceptions.  Simple.

Second, math isn’t about memorizing stuff.  Who cares if you forget some random formula?  That’s what math textbooks and Google are for.  Math is solving puzzles.  It’s about really, really, really thinking, and once you get it, it’s really satisfying.  The math of elementary school is pretty much memorization.

Third, math doesn’t change so fast like other subjects.  Some years ago, people thought that atoms were indestructable.  Atomic bomb.  Some years ago, if you said internet, people would call you nuts.  Now, if you don’t say internet, people will call you nuts.  1+1=2.  It did in the days of Noah, and it will in the future.

Fourth, it’s exciting.  I’m only in Algebra/ part of Geometry now, but I’m excited to get into college math and stuff like set theory/topology, and other “weird” stuff.

Fifth, math is super useful.  Engineers use math to build stuff.  Math is almost like the language of the universe.  Even in creation, think about the fibonacci sequence.

Sixth, math is… well, I guess I have to thank Stanley Schmidt for writing Life of Fred, which I call a book series you HAVE TO READ.  It’s the kind of book you read, re-read, and re-re-re-re-re-read.  It’s awesome.  He is so funny and Life of Fred tells the story of a 5-year-old child prodigy math professor named Fred.  He’s so trusting he gets into all sorts of trouble.  Life of Fred isn’t just math.  He teaches vocabulary, art, history, business, economics, finance, English, chemistry, physics, biology, theology…  I’m not being paid to endorse his books.  He doesn’t even know I’m doing it.  But they are the most funny, fun, comprehensive, clear, and awesome math books I know of.  They’re the kind of book you’d read for hours in your free time all written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt, a guy who retired at age 36, and later began to write this series.

If it weren’t for Fred, I doubt I would love math this much.

And also, he’s convinced me to become a math major!

Thanks, Fred!





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