Chapter One

Here’s a draft I was working on a little bit for a younger kids fantasy story:

Perhaps it was only a myth, as Grandfather had so long insinuated.  

A red-faced boy, very short for his age (one would have thought him to be six at most), waddled out of the dining-room door and bustled into his room.  He posted a sign on his door- “DO NOT ENTER”-and flung himself onto a very luxurious bed.  Seven picture books flew up into the air and went out the window near his bed.  A soft breeze came into the room, then the faint thud of seven books landing seven stories below upon the mud from the garden.  The gardener rested his shovel against the shed and set the books on the grass.  The seven books had firmly patted the tomato seeds into the dirt.  Back in Arthur’s room, he heard the drizzle of water below.  He shut his window.

He rummaged under his bed for the box of matches he had snuck up to his room.  His fingers slipped against a little box.  He grabbed it.  Yes!  The matchbox was still there.  Then, throwing a bedsheet at the window, he managed to light the candle without further burning his fingers.  

He opened a thick, battle-worn volume hidden in the back of his bookcase.  It was secretly his favorite book, but his grandparents despised every book that wasn’t as practical as “How To Fix Your GE Radio” or “A Practical Guide To Bicycle Repair”.  

It wasn’t just that the book was about magic-it seemed rather that the book itself contained magic.  In fact, in daylight, the book would appear invisible.  But in low light, it cast an eerie greenish glow.

But the best thing about the book was the intrigue of abandoned worlds below our own that could only be seen with proper magic.

“Arthur!  Dinnertime!”  He could hear his grandmother bumbling up the stairs.  

Arthur frantically threw the book in the back of his bookshelf, blew out the candle, kicked the matches under his bed, took the sheet off his window, tore off the sign on his door, and bumped and rolled down all seven staircases, even more red-faced.

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