What’s Going On With Zach’s Musings

The (kind of) new Zach’s Musings: What’s Going On Now?


Well, if you’ve checked out our site recently, you’ve probably seen a redesign.  I’ve switched themes like 10 times in the past couple weeks, but finally have to settle with good old WordPress Twenty Sixteen.


I’ve also gotten pretty bad about doing “a post a day”.  My plan now is just to right a bunch of high quality posts and whenever I won’t be able to write a post, I’ll just release that one so every (week)day you get fresh content.


I’m easily the most insane blogger out there.  Everyone growls, “Find yer niche, or I’ll cut yer gizzards!”  The blog is more of a portfolio or a journal of me, not an internet-based business aimed at selling you products.  The only thing I want from you is that you’d read and enjoy my posts and maybe subscribe to them if you really like them.  I’m going to continue my non-nicheness, but if it drives you crazy, feel free to unsubscribe (if there’s any trouble, I’d be happy to help you here)and just look at stuff by topic by checking out my categorized archives.

I’ve also added some new categories, like “Book Summaries” and “Podcast”.  I stink at doing a consistent podcast, but then again, I haven’t heard anyone complain…  Book Summaries right now just has a few chapters of my summary of the Institutes, PDF and MP3.  I will continue those as well.

p.s.  Does anyone use an RSS aggregator like Feedly or Pocket?  I’d be really grateful if you added my RSS: zachsmusings.wordpress.com/rss.




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