Collaborative Writing With Docs

Today let’s talk writing.  More specifically, co-authoring.  Even more specifically, co-authoring online!

Currently I have 3 people on my document: two authors and one editor.

Here’s how it all works:

I’ll type on my document.  As I type, the co-author/editor will see me type and they can type as I type etc.  Really simple.

There is a little comment bar so you can talk as you write your book.

As for the editor, if you don’t want the editor to have complete control over your document, give them “commenting” permission.  They edit, and the edits come in the form of “comments”.  These comments then can be manually approved by someone of higher rank, like the owner.


Go to, and create a new documentdoc.PNG

Write your amazing story:


Click the blue share button in the upper right corner, and add an email addressshare.PNG

Have them check their email, and open in docsemail.PNG

Time to right the next great novel!

Hope you enjoyed this, and PLEASE send it to any of your friends interested in collaborative writing!



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