Why and How to Get Prepared in 2017

After a bit of a break from the extremely strenuous art of sitting down in front of a screen of glowing pixels and rapidly typing, I present a few reasons why you should get somewhat prepared this year.


Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not recommending you become some weird prepper with thousands of years of MREs and beans stored away.  I’m just saying that it’s a good idea to start to get prepared in more practical ways.

The biggest thing to realize is, to paraphrase Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast, everything you do should make your life better, if everything goes wrong, or if nothing happens.

This makes a lot of sense.  Don’t go off to some weird prepper site, order thousands of pounds of rice and beans, and ten years later realized you wasted a lot of money.

Think about insurance.  Preparedness is an insurance against stuff that could go wrong with no downside.

If you already eat peanut butter a lot, and you find it on sale, buy an extra can or two or maybe a couple more.  You’ve saved money buy buying in bulk, you’ve saved time by having it readily accessible, and now you have a shelf-stable food item that you could eat in a minor or major disaster.


Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Water-this is easy.  The more expensive way is to buy a couple packs of bottled water.  The harder but dirt cheap way is to wash old soda bottles and fill them with water and use some purification method like boiling, iodine, or a big fancy filter.

The rule of thumb is to have a gallon of water per person per day.  I think this is generous, but too much is better than too little.

If you like Costco, I think they sells a pack of 40 bottles for $4.  That’s 5.3 gallons.  For one person, buy three and that should be ample for two weeks.

Just do the math.

Food will take a long time to explain and I’m not even comfortable to go over it.  Check out this free class as well as this PDF and this PDF

Energy-If you have a gas stove, when the power goes out, just use a lighter and it should work.  Stock up on matches, a few good flashlights, batteries, maybe a power bank, and a car inverter.

Communications-a cell phone and a NOAA weather radio.

Buy a first aid kit if you don’t have one.

If you get really into it, here are some books recommended by James Wesley, Rawles.  I haven’t used all of them.

Hopefully you found this stuff interesting.  I know I left a lot out, so suggest some stuff in the comments!




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