Chapter 1 of my unnamed book

It had only been a few hours ago. The sun had already set, the stars were out, all was still that northern Idaho evening.

A coyote wailed at the freight train in the distance for a minute, then all Will could hear was his faint breath. “He’s gone.”
Another long pause.
“It can’t be. It was only three hours a… Oh!” The eerie yellow beam of a flashlight nearly blinded Will. Then came the deepest, most frightening voice he’d heard:
“He’s not yours anymore,” a well-worn bearded face hissed, revealing three missing teeth and an array of soft yellowish ones.
Will opened his mouth but nothing came out. He just stared dead still for three minutes and his face began to turn white. His retriever was gone. Taken away. Everything began to make sense, especially when the man coughed and handed him a torn, illegible sheet with a large blot of gray ink at the top. He read the title (written in all capitals) silently.
The cold stung the boy’s already numb fingers. Finally, one scared, bitter syllable left his throat. “Why?”
“You don’t speak. It’s up to me to decide things here, not you.” He grabbed Will’s neck. “You understand?”
Will raised his head and the man continued. “The only way you get that horrid dog in your face… come with me.”
Will had no choice as the man jerked him toward a thorny bush opposite to the train tracks. “Get in, now.”
The man forced the door open and nearly threw Will inside. By now the boy was screaming for help, but the closest neighbor was miles away and the man immediately covered his mouth, shut the door, and locked it.

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