What I’m Reading Right Now

I’ve just begun a new weekly post on my blog: What I’m Reading Right Now and this is a pretty good time to kick it off since I’ve jumped into some harder books that I’m slowly working through.

So here’s everything I’m reading right now:

Watership Down by Richard Adams (I was supposed to read this in 6th grade but I ended up hating it. I picked it up again and actually like it)

The Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin (yeah, the Insitutes… It’s a (tiny) bit less hard than I thought)

World of Psychology (I’m reading this for school and it’s not exactly a fun read!)

Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra (also for school, but insanely fun…you MUST get it)

Survival Wisdom & Know-How (really cool outdoor survival book)


Romans (it is a book, right?)

Patriots by James Wesley Rawles (a really good, super detailed TEOTWAWKI novel)

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson (AMAZING!! I’ve read the entire thing like 10 times)

As you can see, I don’t read one book at a time!  And that keeps it fun so I don’t have to stick with one book at a time.

What are you reading?  Post it in the comments!



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