An ever-expanding list of my favorite stuff (music, books, articles, podcasts, comic strips, etc, etc, etc)


Radical Personal Finance – a podcast about personal finance (covering everything from financial lessons from dumpster divers and homeless people, to earning a college degree in high school, to super fancy financial planning stuff)

Doctrine and Devotion – JoFo (Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler) talk theology (and banter a lot, which is awesome) from a fun, Reformed Baptist perspective.

Fighting for the Faith – Some Lutheran guy who hates everyone (just kidding!)  He has a podcast talking about the truth and defending it from fake stuff.

Age of Minority – A podcast for teenagers about the Gospel, hosted by Sean and Jaquelle Crowe.

The Survival Podcast – A podcast about survival, preparedness, and stuff like that

Intelligence Squared  – They have debates about stuff.  Most of them aren’t interesting to me, but the ones that are – they’re really good!


Abe & Liza Philip


NEEDTOBREATHE (not THAT Christian, but some nice Southern Rock with folk influences)

Sovereign Grace

David Crowder