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Christian Living and the Bible

Our True Identity – coming out on the Rebelution August 7.

Spiritual Disciplines and Young People

John 1:1-5: The Word: John 1: 1Loved Us To Death, Literally: John 1:2The Source of All Things: John 1:3The Light of Life: John 1:4His Great Love: John 1:5

Romans: Romans 1: The First SentenceGrace: Romans 1: 5Nothing Can Separate: Romans 1: 6Can’t Hide Good News: Romans 1:16aRomans 1:16b&17Loved By A Holy God: Romans 1:18aGod’s Hand In Creation: Romans 1:19-20The Answer To Every Question: Romans 1:21a

Philippians:  But God: Philippians 1:1aSaints In Christ: Philippians 1:1b

Ephesians: The Gospel in Ephesians 1Ephesians 2: By Grace Through Faith

The Resurrection: Foundation of the Faith

Why Christ-Centered? (links to a free PDF version) – I’m planning on reworking this and adding some more “how” and improving the writing style. Stay tuned!

Book Reviews

This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years Book Review


Why and How to Get Prepared in 2017Buy Bulk If You Enjoy Keeping Your Money Away From InflationWhy You Need to Start A Bug-Out-BagThe Backpack Bug-Out BagFive Books To Keep In Your BOBAltoid’s Tin Survival Kit,  An Illustrated Review of the Lifestraw, How Much Will That Be In 40 Years?Are You Actually Making Money? Intro to the Break-Even Point, How To Read Calvin’s InstitutesHow To Actually Read The Bible In A Year, C. S. Lewis’ Writing TipsHow We Coauthor FictionMy Free Blogging&Podcasting ToolsA List That Requires Extreme ActionCollaborative Writing With Docs, How Much Does A Tulip Cost?, Every Peanut’s Best Friend,  Seven Favorite Chord Progressions,  Chapter One, Chapter One, Chapter One