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Podcast Archive

Click above to find every episode of the Zach’s Musings Podcast July 4, 2016 onward.

Writings on the Bible

John 1: 1-5: The Word: John 1: 1Loved Us To Death, Literally: John 1:2The Source of All Things: John 1:3The Light of Life: John 1:4His Great Love: John 1:5

Romans: Romans 1: The First SentenceGrace: Romans 1: 5Nothing Can Seperate: Romans 1: 6Can’t Hide Good News: Romans 1:16aRomans 1:16b&17Loved By A Holy God: Romans 1:18aGod’s Hand In Creation: Romans 1:19-20The Answer To Every Question: Romans 1:21a

Philippians:  But God: Philippians 1:1aSaints In Christ: Philippians 1:1b

The Resurrection: Foundation of the Faith

A Prayer By Stanley Schmidt

Why Christ-Centered? (links to a free PDF version)


Introduction to CLEP (a PDF)


How To Read Calvin’s InstitutesHow To Actually Read The Bible In A Year,


Trailer For The Epic Pilgrim’s Progress

Writings on, well, writing

C. S. Lewis’ Writing TipsHow We Coauthor FictionMy Free Blogging&Podcasting ToolsA List That Requires Extreme ActionCollaborative Writing With Docs


Preparedness:  Why and How to Get Prepared in 2017Buy Bulk If You Enjoy Keeping Your Money Away From InflationWhy You Need to Start A Bug-Out-BagThe Backpack Bug-Out BagFive Books To Keep In Your BOBAltoid’s Tin Survival Kit

Finance How Much Will That Be In 40 Years?Are You Actually Making Money? Intro to the Break-Even Point

Book Reviews

Books I’m Reading This Year

(In Progress) Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

(In Progress) On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson


I am in the process of developing a new fantasy series with my coauthor, and as most of my attention will be devoted to that in terms of fiction, you probably won’t see much new fantasy over the next couple of years.

(Strictly humorous short science fiction) Naleris: Chapter One

(Survival story) Intrepid (that’s my current name!) Chapter One (soon to be uploaded)

(Fantasy draft, Narniaesque) Chapter One


As of January 2016, I began to seriously learn guitar(mostly folk/ folk-rock).  In this section I will talk about guitar (as well as piano, cajon, and perhaps other instruments) tips, tricks, tunes, techniques, tetc (get it?  tetc for alliteration instead of etc!!! hahahaha…)

My ever-updated list of my Seven Favorite Chord Progressions

Coding/Software Tutorials

I’ve been interested in coding/computers since first grade.  Here I talk about everything coding-related.

New Series on CodingCoding: How I’m Learning Core JavaCoding: Java Servlets and JSPCoding: My Personal Programming Plan

Audacity: Fake a Phone: Audacity Sound Effects 1


Every single interesting thing that happened in history (vast understatement).

AD(not CE!!) 1600s

This one is a mix of history and specifically, to sound very nerdy, economic historyHow Much Does A Tulip Cost?

Late 1800s-Early 1900s

Summary of George Washington Carver’s life, American historyEvery Peanut’s Best Friend


Why Math Is My Favorite Subject