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What I’m Working On Right Now

I just sent Your Calling Changes Everything in to and they’re publishing it on 9/19 – I’ll link to it 🙂

Zach’s Take (on books I’m reading)

Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn

My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 1: He is Holy)

My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 2: He is Creator)

My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 3: He is Powerful)

My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 4: He is Present)

My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 5: He Provides)

Christian Living and the Bible

Your Identity Changes Everything (guest post on

Spiritual Disciplines and Young People

John 1:1-5: The Word: John 1: 1Loved Us To Death, Literally: John 1:2The Source of All Things: John 1:3The Light of Life: John 1:4His Great Love: John 1:5

Romans: Romans 1: The First SentenceGrace: Romans 1: 5Nothing Can Separate: Romans 1: 6Can’t Hide Good News: Romans 1:16aRomans 1:16b&17Loved By A Holy God: Romans 1:18aGod’s Hand In Creation: Romans 1:19-20The Answer To Every Question: Romans 1:21a

Philippians:  But God: Philippians 1:1aSaints In Christ: Philippians 1:1b

Ephesians: The Gospel in Ephesians 1Ephesians 2: By Grace Through Faith

The Resurrection: Foundation of the Faith

Why Christ-Centered? (links to a free PDF version) – I’m planning on reworking this and adding some more “how” and improving the writing style. Stay tuned!

Book Reviews

This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years Book Review

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will Book Review

And there’s a lot more…

I’ve written a LOT more articles than that, but those are the most relevant. To see a complete listing, go to the homepage and just keep scrolling 😉