His Great Love: John 1:5

With Guest Author Zoe

John 1:5(NLT): The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

We’ve come to the epic finale of this series. As always, let’s go phrase by phrase.

So, Jesus shines in the darkness.  In our sin we are in complete darkness.

But Jesus is the light that ignites the world.  Once we become His children, that light can never be taken from us.  The darkness can never, no matter what, extinguish Jesus’ great light.

The Great Commission(Matthew 28: 16-20) tells us to be lights in the world’s darkness, telling the world about His great love we’ve been given.

But we must always remember that Jesus is the whole reason we have this light.  Without Him, we remain in total darkness.  It’s not our great works, it’s simply His immeasurable grace He lavished upon us at the cross.  When we remember His great love, all we can do is carry the torch of His light to this dark world in utter awe before Him.